How to Look After Your Winter Toys

Woman and man skiing and jumping

California is known for its beautiful beaches and the Pacific Coast Highway — but it’s also home to popular winter sports resorts such as Big Bear, Mammoth Mountain and Squaw Valley. And if you’re a winter sports enthusiast, you need to know how to look after your winter toys to make sure you can keep enjoying them for years to come. Here are some useful maintenance tips:

  • Skis and snowboards: After each use, inspect your skis or snowboard for any damage. If there are large holes or deep scratches in the base, go to a professional for base repair. You can fix minor scrapes yourself using a P-Tex candle. In addition, smooth away burrs and rust on the edges by rubbing a diamond stone over them; then use a gummy stone to finish the process. Once you’ve repaired the base and edges, wax your skis or snowboard to ensure maximum performance when you next hit the slopes.
  • Skates: Always wipe the inside and outside of the boots after use to prevent the buildup of mildew and bacteria. Dry the blades with a soft cloth to prevent corrosion. Use blade soakers to absorb any remaining moisture and protect the blades. In addition, regularly have the blades sharpened to keep them in optimal condition.
  • Snowmobile: Regular maintenance can keep your snowmobile in good working order, which helps avoid breakdowns and operational issues. Make sure to check all wear components, as well as all bolts and fasteners, and ensure the clutches are cleaned. You should also keep your snowmobile clean by regularly washing it to rinse away any oil, grease of salt. When transporting it, either use an enclosed trailer or cover it with a tarp to protect it from the elements, as well as dirt from the road. Finally, always store your snowmobile in a secure, dry location.

Getting the Right Personal Insurance in Los Angeles

All of these toys have one thing in common — they have the potential to go fast. And while that’s a large part of the thrill, it can also result in damaged equipment and even collisions in which you or other people can get hurt. That’s why it’s crucial to have the right personal insurance coverage before heading out on the snow or ice.

For skis, snowboards and skates, make sure you have liability coverage. If you’re on vacation, liability might be included with your travel insurance. If you’re at home, it may be included in your homeowners insurance policy.

If you have a snowmobile, you need snowmobile insurance. This provides coverage against theft and damages; plus, it should include sufficient liability coverage to protect you in the event you’re involved in a collision.

Winter is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy some truly fun activities. By properly maintaining your winter toys and making sure you have the right personal insurance in Los Angeles, you can leave all your worries behind — regardless of whether you’re on the ice, trails or slopes.

Personal Insurance in Los Angeles

For more information about insuring yourself, your home, and your winter toys, please contact Grand Mutual Insurance today to learn more about personal insurance in Los Angeles.



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