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with GMIS.
Hi, We’re GMIS.
We are a full-service insurance company that offers complete commercial and personal insurance coverage to people and companies of all sizes. Our wide range of clients receive customized insurance solutions that help them safeguard their wealth.

GMIS is here to assist independent agents like you!

Our agency is based in the Los Angeles area and specializes in supporting independent agents and providing them with all the resources that they need to write more business, including aggressive commission splits, nationwide access to the best carriers, and more.
We provide a dynamic benefits package that is based on your present requirements but changes over time as those requirements change. We’re dedicated to giving you the materials and tools you need to make the most of your benefit package.
Here are some of the benefits that we offer:
Commission icon
Aggressive commission splits
on new business and renewals.
Nation wide icon

Nationwide access
to the best insurance carriers
and markets.

CRM icon

Access to our CRM,
quoting software, etc.

Offfice space icon

Available office space
and equipment (optional)

Megaphone icon

In-house marketing,
accounting, and tech support

Shake hands icon

Dedicated CSRs to assist with
servicing your accounts, provide certificates of insurance, etc.

Medical icon

Option to participate
in our group health program

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