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featured concept of builder's risk insurance

What is Builder’s Risk Insurance?  

Builder’s risk insurance is a must-have policy for anyone involved in the construction industry. This includes not only construction companies, architects, contractors, and subcontractors but also investors and property owners who are hiring a company to construct a building on a vacant lot.

What Every Business Owner Should Know About GMIS Insurance Bonds 

Grand Mutual Insurance Services (GMIS) offers a range of commercial insurance policies to ensure that each business has the coverage it needs to operate successfully and protect itself from liability. One unique yet vital form of coverage, provided as needed to clients in select industries, is the insurance bond. This form of insurance, unlike other policies, doesn’t benefit the policyholder; rather, it covers a third party in the event the policyholder is unable to fulfill its obligations.

concept image of cyber liability insurance

3 Reasons Why Every Single Realtor Should Consider Cyber Liability Insurance

Insurance is a must for any successful realtor. Coverage from commercial car insurance, personal liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and property insurance protects realtors from multiple forms of damage that would otherwise take a devastating toll on a business. So let’s look at 3 major reasons every realtor should consider cyber liability insurance.